MOTUS Is A Community

Connecting fitness seekers with gyms and physiotherapy centresThe best are just around the corner of your neighbourhood


MOTUS is platform for you to gain access to some of the specialised gyms and physiotherapy centres in the Klang Valley. MOTUS is a community of gyms and physiotherapists, each delivering the very best of instructor lead workout and physiotherapy session that is unique, fitly challenged, fun and most importantly, a great experience.


MOTUS MOBILE APPWorkout with just a tap away

Just download the MOTUS MOBILE APP

You don't need a laptop or be near to your computer, just download MOTUS' mobile app from either the Google Play or the Apple AppStore with your smart phone. Fitness and wellness is just a tap away.


Simple Pricing

Premium workouts at an Affordable PricePricing should be simple & straight forward

Premium workouts at an Affordable Price

As low as RM128 for a month's membership, you’ll get a finite amount of credits which enables you to make bookings to the programs scheduled through the MOTUS mobile app, available for both the Android and the iOS. Navigate and take a trip to the gym or physiotherapy outlet, and enjoy the session.

Choices & Variety

A variety of Workout & PhysiotherapyYou'll never get bored

A variety of Workout & Physiotherapy

With MOTUS, you can now choose from a variety of workout be it Body-Weight/Functional/High-Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T), weight lifting - barbells, kettlebells, etc., Yoga - Vinyasa, Hatha, Ashtanga, etc., Zumba, high-tech indoor cycling and a lot more. Feeling sore? Just book a physiotherapy sessions through MOTUS. MOTUS carries an extensive variety of programs offered by the community of gyms and physiotherapy centres, you can now say bye-bye to boredom.

WHAT CAN YOU DO WITH MOTUSThese are the types of programs we offer.

How it works ?Follow these simple steps


Download The Mobile App

Just download the MOTUS Mobile App through either the Google Play or the Apple AppStore and browse through the programs that are offered.


Purchase a Membership

MOTUS' membership packages come with different loaded credits at very affordable prices. Never mind if you are just starting out or haven been periodically engaged in fitness endeavor, we have something for you. Each membership will expire after one calendar month. So, just choose what is best for your fitness requirements. You are always given the option to auto-renew your membership.


Make a Booking

Found a program which you like? Make a booking through the App and choose the best schedule which is convenient for you. Don't forget to check on the location of the gym or the physiotherapy centre.


Enjoy The Session

Get to the gym or the physiotherapy centre and enjoy the session. You may navigate your way to the outlet through MOTUS' mobile app navigation launcher.

MembershipDoesn't matter if you are just starting out or already a fitness buff, MOTUS has something for you.

Basic RM128 per month

Great for starters who would like to experience a MOTUS moment.

  • 5 Credits
  • No Commitment
  • Auto-Renew (Optional)
Pro RM188 per month

For those who are adventurous and demands more for their fitness and wellness needs.

  • 10 Credits
  • No Commitment
  • Auto-Renew (Optional)
Elite RM258 per month

For those that can't live without MOTUS

  • 15 Credits
  • No Commitment
  • Auto-Renew (Optional)