Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Do you provide a free trial?

Yes, just register through the MOTUS app and you'll automatically be given a free trial membership equipped with 1 credit which is sufficient to participate in any regular programs listed in the app.

How long will my trial membership last?

A trial membership has a valid period of 2 weeks from the date you register through the MOTUS app. If you have made a booking with your trial membership, it will automatically end after the date and time of the program session which you have made a booking by utilizing your free credit.

My trial membership has expired and I have yet to use my free credit, could I extend?

No extension is given to expired either the trial membership or the paid membership.

How long will a paid membership last?

A paid membership is valid for one calendar month, beginning from the date of the purchase made. E.g. if you purchased a membership on 16th March, the valid period will be between 16th March to 15th April.

Can I cancel the membership anytime?

Yes to the cancellation of further re-purchase of membership. Any paid membership will have it's effective valid period. While you are enjoying your paid membership, you can active or deactivate re-purchase of membership. Please check on the ‘Membership' screen in the MOTUS app.

How do I know the required credits for a program?

You can check on the credit(s) requirements of a program by simply tapping on the program listed, then tap on the ‘Schedules' button on the top right corner of the app, for every schedule slots, the credit requirement will be displayed.

I have used up my credits, could I purchase more credits?

MOTUS does not allow any extra purchases of credits (credits top-up) for the moment. You are required to wait for the next membership re-purchase cycle (if you have activated recurring purchase in the app).

Could I purchase another membership while my existing membership is still active?

MOTUS only allow one active membership for a person at a time. This applies to both the free trial membership and the paid membership.

If you truly would like to participate in the desired program session, please approach the specific gym/physio outlet for drop-in/adhoc entry.

Could I purchase a membership and use it only to attend the programs by just one of my favorite gym?

Yes, but before you do that, please check if there is any limitation to the number of bookings that could be made to the specific gym program which you desire. Any booking limitation is imposed by the gym/physio outlet and MOTUS is not in control of any restriction/limitation to the number of bookings made to the programs (expect for PREMIUM sessions e.g. personal training and physio therapy). Therefore, MOTUS could not guarantee if you will be able to get your desired number of bookings only for a specific desired gym program.

I have made a booking and I think I couldn't attend to the program session, could I make a cancellation?

You can perform a cancellation unless the cancellation time is before what is allowed by the program. Different programs have different cancellation time. Please check through the app on this.

I have made a booking and I have missed the program session, is there a penalty on this?

Yes, for any unattended booking, an extra credit will be deducted from your membership (if any credit is left).

I have made a booking and I have missed the program session, could I get a credit refund?

No credit is refunded for any unattended program session.

I have a made a booking and the gym is closed, could I get a credit refund?

Yes, although this rarely happens, it is part of MOTUS' duty to also make sure the gym outlets honor their schedules listed. Please write to us directly by tapping on the ‘I need help' menu button on the MOTUS app. This matter on this will be resolved and utilized credit(s) will be adequately refunded.

I have made a booking for a program session that is after the expiration date of my membership, am I eligible to attend to it?

Yes, any bookings made while the membership is active is a valid booking and please attend to it.

I have cancelled a booking for a program session and my membership has already expired, could I use the credit returned to make another booking?

No. Bookings can only be made when the membership is active (within the valid effective period) and if the credits in the membership are sufficient.

I couldn't attend to the booked program session, could I have my friend or family to attend that on behalf of me?

MOTUS' membership and bookings are not transferable. At such, your booking could only be attended by yourself.